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MIDNIGHT MASSACRE is a comic about a Halloween theme park where nightmares come to life and dreams go to die. With creepy mazes and spooky characters roaming the grounds, guests are in for a terrifyingly fun night out… but the real nightmare is happening behind the scenes. Sensing a business opportunity, the CEO fires the costumed monsters and outsources their jobs to real monsters from the depths of hell. What can go wrong with thousands of real, horrifying, creatures lurking in each crevice and around every corner of the park? It’s up to a jaded teenager, stuck in her part-time job at Calico to stop the creatures, confront her boss, and save her soul!

Writers John and Ben Matsuya are happy to present their debut comic, MIDNIGHT MASSACRE on comiXology this month. Issues #1 and #2 will be released on October 16th and issues #3 and #4 will be released on October 30th, exclusively digital for now. For fans of Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Adventureland and Cabin in the Woods, MIDNIGHT MASSACRE is a rollicking horror-comedy guaranteed to scare you out of your quarter life crisis.

Midnight Massacre is recommended for audiences 15+

Midnight Massacre is published by Action Lab Danger Zone and is currently available as a four part digital comic on Comixology and for Amazon Kindle. Please feel free to contact the creators for interviews about the project.

A Note From The Creators:

For the past several years, Midnight Massacre was our passion project. After we wrote the story, Ben drew every page and every panel. We couldn’t have found a better collaborator than we did in Action Lab to help bring our story to a larger audience; a huge thanks goes to Nicole D’Andria and Shawn Gabborin for being our guides. Most of all, we want to thank you, the reader. By purchasing our comic, you are taking a chance on an original, independent comic. You are the ones that are allowing us to tell our story and bring out story to life. If you like what you see and what you read, please subscribe to our social media channels and join our email list below. We still have plenty of projects on the way, and we are truly grateful that you are taking the first step in our creative journey. 

From the bottom of hearts, thank you.

- Ben Matsuya and John Matsuya

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